Strategic New Business Content for Agencies

To generate new business, it’s essential to share content that informs prospects about what your agency does and sparks their curiosity to learn more. Strategic new business content provides information to prospects in a less sales-y way and creates opportunities for conversations. Without these assets, lead generation efforts are more challenging.

TDP’s team creates strategic new business content assets. We coordinate with your team to map a strategy and build content around your agency’s goals and expertise.

This program is anchored by a new business content audit. TDP will learn about your agency’s new business goals and processes while conducting a comprehensive, strategic review of your new business assets. Starting from this foundation, the content we create is deeply aligned with new business strategy.

There are three common scenarios where we are asked to support content creation for agencies:

  1. There is no existing content.
  2. The existing content is ineffective from a new business perspective; either it is dated, written to the wrong personas about the wrong topics, or it serves as filler content, without representing anything unique to the agency.
  3. One or more people at the agency are active and recognized in their field, but the agency doesn’t have the internal resources to create content and capitalize on their expertise.

Does one of these situations apply to your agency? The Duval Partnership can help you create high-quality content assets to complement your lead generation efforts and support your new business results.

Program Outcomes

Your program will be unique, and may emphasize certain outcomes over others. These may include:

  • Greater clarity and consistency of purpose to connect with target prospects
  • A fresh take on defining and attracting your agency’s target prospects
  • Lay a foundation for future content development
  • Address shortcomings that your team may be blind to
  • Increase brand visibility with a new or existing network
  • Establish or support relationships in a relevant network or industry
  • Amplify an agency executive’s profile as a thought leader in their space
  • Build on offline opportunities (events, speaking engagements, etc.)
  • Be seen as helpful, informed, trustworthy (when deploying content for educational/informational purposes)
  • Create a library of lead generation assets (early-stage funnel, lead nurturing, and up-sell / cross-sell opportunities)
  • Enable sales efforts
  • Identify new business resource expenditure that is misaligned with goals
  • Purge inconsistent, ineffective messaging that hurts sales efforts
  • Improve SEO and website traffic


Every new business content program is customized to the agency’s needs, so deliverables will vary. Here are some typical examples:

  • POV on agency’s content universe from a new business perspective, with constructive feedback and areas of opportunity clearly identified, including review of:
    • Agency positioning
    • Sales strategy and messaging 
    • Supporting content assets (case studies, articles, decks)
    • Website and social media 
  • Refinement of agency’s positioning & value proposition
  • Confirmation or initial development of prospect profiles
  • Recommendations on how to best utilize agency assets for new business
  • Suggestions on future content assets and tools for new business
  • Identification of goals, strategies, timeline, and deliverables for the content creation program
  • Content may include whitepapers, case studies, eBooks, articles, blog posts, presentations, social media, landing pages, or other assets


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