Sales Training & Coaching

We provide you with sales training programs to help your agency generate sales and cultivate meaningful relationships with the companies that are most in need of your services. Drilling down on the vital skills required to organize and track sales activity, we work with you to establish a disciplined sales training course tailored to your agency’s needs.

Through a series of comprehensive & interactive training sessions, Duval works with you to develop and refine your employees’ critical sales skills. These skills are immediately applicable in the areas of new business development and organic growth.

Our Sales Training & Coaching Program includes four steps:

Program Outcomes:

  • Institute repeatable, disciplined sales processes that deliver results
  • Reinforce learned skills through staggered, recurring program delivery
  • Identify and address specific sales weaknesses in your new business team
  • Establish a clear plan to qualify leads for better ROI on new business activities
  • Learn how to use questioning strategies to better understand your prospects
  • Learn how to generate your own leads
  • Establish a systematic referral program to avoid missed opportunities

Step I. Discovery & Benchmarking

We use online tools and discovery sessions to identify current gaps and roadblocks in your agency’s business development process. This includes a sales skills assessment for anyone serving in a sales capacity (such as New Business and Account Management roles) to determine areas in need of improvement.  

Step II. Development of Training Program

Based on the results of our audit, we develop a tailored training program to address your key agency sales objectives, which may include:

  • Benchmarking
  • Behavioral assessment of sales team
  • Establishing a consistent, repeatable sales process
  • Building, bonding and developing rapport with prospects
  • Establishing a relationship of equal business stature with prospects
  • Qualifying leads based on their needs, investment, and decision
  • Effective questioning strategies to reveal prospect pain
  • Prospecting and lead generation
  • Overcoming call reluctance
  • Establishing a referral program

Step III. Program Delivery

At this point we start implementing the skills training identified for your customized training program in Step II.

All sales training programs consist of the following:

  • Full & Half-Day Boot Camps
  • Series of 2-hour courses over multiple weeks
  • Interactive, participatory, instructor-led training sessions
  • All materials are included

Step IV. Reinforcement & Maintenance

To sustain the attitudes, behaviors and techniques cultivated during training, a series of ongoing maintenance sessions are available via conference calls or online video conferencing.