Inbound/Outbound Program

Bolster your new business initiatives with a combined sales and marketing program. To complete our suite of agency new business services, we offer an Inbound/Outbound Program to push and pull your prospects towards giving you their business.

Our fully integrated program packs a two-pronged punch. We attack the prospect education process through inbound marketing and the sales cycle through our prospecting and lead generation program. Combined, the two services deliver a complete “push & pull” campaign that attracts, qualifies and nurtures the right opportunities for your agency.

This program is offered in collaboration with our strategic inbound partner.

Our Inbound/Outbound Program includes four steps:

Program Outcomes:

  • Delivers updated, refreshed agency positioning
  • Engineers a fully-integrated, repeatable sales and marketing approach
  • Introduces new prospects to your agency and its services
  • Implements lead nurturing programs that create awareness and drive revenue
  • Solves the problem of neglected leads and missed opportunities
  • Focuses efforts on qualified leads to reduce wasted time and increase ROI

Step I. Onboarding Program

The Onboarding phase covers everything we need to create a successful Inbound / Outbound program that is aligned with your agency’s goals and positioning. This is where we get familiar with your resources and your opportunities, and work with you to establish your program goals.


  • A deep dive into agency DNA
  • A historical review of new business, sales process, work, and clients
  • An evaluation of core competencies
  • An establishment of Inbound/Outbound Program goals
  • The development of a strategy to achieve stated goals


  • A detailed build-out of target markets and personas
  • A complete industry and competitive analysis
  • A full review and analysis of agency digital marketing materials
  • An establishment of inbound marketing campaign goals
  • Recommendations for tools required to achieve inbound goals
  • The development of fully-integrated digital strategies to achieve stated goals

Step II. Strategic Positioning & Sales Plan

We craft a strategic, end-to-end sales platform to guide our sales efforts on your behalf.

This step includes:

  • Distillation of Onboarding findings
  • Creation or clarification of agency’s positioning
  • Creating a content strategy
  • Generating outreach messaging
  • Researching prospects and developing a prospect list
  • Revising or creating marketing materials & case studies
  • Establishing lead management and lead handoff strategies for inbound-generated leads
  • Establishing benchmarks
  • Creating a new business plan of action

Step III. New Business Plan Implementation

With a clear plan of action and supporting materials ready to go, we proceed to generate leads for your agency’s new business.

This step includes:

  • Implementation of the inbound / outbound lead generation strategy
  • Populating sales pipeline
  • Creating awareness and establishing relationships with prospects
  • Establishing a lead nurturing program
  • Pre-meeting preparation and post-meeting debriefing strategy

Step IV. Measurement & Metrics

Consistent reporting and auditing of the program are provided to track established benchmarks and to further ensure that maximum results are achieved. Additionally, new targets and categories are introduced for program expansion.

Deliverables include:

  • Weekly/bi-weekly reporting
  • Consistent monitoring of messaging
  • Editing and revising of sales pipeline to ensure maximum results
  • Quarterly reporting and reviews

Optional program add-on:  Our strategic inbound partner is available to create, implement, and monitor the content and framework for the inbound program, if you prefer to outsource it.