Outsourced Prospecting & Lead Generation Program for Agencies

Duval acts as a seamless extension of your agency to cultivate relationships of substance with companies in need of your services. We work closely with your team to develop sales programs that fit your needs. Our Outsourced Prospecting & Lead Generation Program finds you leads that result in closed business and increased revenue.

Our Prospecting & Lead Generation Program includes four steps:

Program Outcomes:

  • Build long-term rapport with your prospects
  • Open new streams of revenue for your agency
  • Strengthen your pre-existing account relations
  • Gain substantial, qualified new leads
  • Optimize your internal new business resources for greater impact
  • Strengthen your agency positioning for new business generation
  • Infuse your agency with decades’ worth of agency sales expertise
  • Adopt powerful and repeatable new business processes for lasting results

Step I. Onboarding Session

Our one-day intensive onboarding session starts with an agency audit, where we assess your strengths and review your current new business processes. We work with you to identify and refine your agency’s unique value proposition. Your Prospecting & Lead Generation Program goals and benchmarks are clarified at this stage.

Step I includes:

  • A deep dive into company DNA
  • A historical review of your new business sales process, work, and clients
  • An audit of core competencies
  • Establishing your Prospecting & Lead Generation Program goals
  • Developing a strategy to achieve stated goals
  • Reviewing existing case studies and marketing materials

Step II. Strategic Positioning & Sales Plan

At this stage, we develop a program to address the key objectives identified during onboarding. We craft a strategic, end-to-end sales platform to guide our sales efforts on your behalf.

Step II includes:

  • Distillation of onboarding findings
  • Creation or clarification of positioning & unique selling point
  • Outreach messaging generation
  • List development and prospect research
  • Revision/creation of marketing materials and case studies for outreach
  • Establishing benchmarks and creating a new business plan of action

Step III. New Business Plan Implementation

After laying a foundation in Steps I and II, we proceed to implementation.

Step III includes:

  • Outreach & lead generation
  • Population of sales pipeline
  • Creating awareness and establishing relationships with prospects
  • Establishing a lead nurturing program
  • Pre-meeting preparation and post-meeting debriefing strategy
  • Editing/revising the sales pipeline for maximum results

Step IV. Measurement & Metrics

We provide consistent reporting and auditing to track established program benchmarks and ensure maximum results. Additionally, new targets and categories are introduced for program expansion.

Step IV deliverables include:

  • Weekly/Bi-weekly reporting
  • Consistent monitoring of messaging
  • Ongoing editing and revising of the sales pipeline for maximum results
  • Quarterly reviews