New Business Strategy Workshop for Agencies

This is a scaled-back version of our Strategic Sales Program for smaller agencies and startups that need help building a new business foundation. With this highly-customized program, TDP provides the tools and expertise for you to implement in your sales efforts. Our agency New Business Strategy Workshop gives your small agency access to the same new business expertise trusted by the most respected agencies in the industry.

We help you develop a clear, consistent, and compelling positioning statement, serving as an objective sounding board. Taking a “tough love” approach, we’ll tell you when your goals and positioning are more aspirational than realistic. Then, we’ll help you differentiate yourself from all the other agencies.

TDP will help develop the backbone of your new business program, including target personas, ideal targets, prospect profiles, questioning strategy, new business messaging, and processes. We will show you how to approach and structure a successful new business meeting. Our team will give you everything you need to hit the ground running. Then, you will do the outreach to generate interest and start conversations with your prospects.


  • A half-day onboarding workshop, during which we will:
    • Dive into your agency’s DNA (culture, core competencies, services, work, expertise, assets, and goals)
    • Discuss our POV on your agency’s positioning and content
    • Review your new business process and history 
  • Establishment of tools to implement your lead generation program: prospect profiles, messaging, target lists, reference materials, and a customized new business roadmap
  • Initial setup to get you ready to deploy your own lead generation program
  • Consulting to support your lead generation program and ongoing sales process
  • Coaching on pitching, presenting, and basic sales techniques


Program Outcomes

Your program will be uniquely designed to meet your new business goals and may emphasize certain outcomes over others. Typical outcomes include:

  • Refinement of positioning and value proposition 
  • Establishment of a strategic sales process and program
  • Learn “best sales practices” specific to the agency context
  • Identify the best opportunities for your agency so you can prioritize your efforts
  • Learn to embrace “no” and make lead qualification work for you, freeing up more time to focus on your best leads
  • Maximize limited resources by making your new business program as effective and efficient as possible
  • Realize the savings of a “DIY” approach, while still having access to new business expertise as a safety net



  • POV on your positioning and messaging (based on your website and supporting new business assets)
  • Distillation of onboarding findings
  • Expert insights on your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities
  • Prospect profiles for lead generation (including target industries, companies, and personas)
  • Custom-generated list of leads to start your lead generation program
  • Draft sales messaging for initial targets based on two key services/industries
  • Best practices and theoretical models for successful new business activities
  • A 6-12 month roadmap of suggested new business actions
  • A plan to implement your own repeatable sales process and system


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TDP’s New Business Strategy Workshop.