Agency Audit & Diagnostic Program

Our Agency Audit & Diagnostic Program provides a comprehensive assessment of your existing new business and marketing program. We identify areas of weakness and inconsistency in your new business practice and make recommendations for improvement. This includes suggesting new tools and strategies to establish and build long term rapport with prospects, open new streams of revenue, and strengthen preexisting account relations.

Program Outcomes:

  • Greater clarity and consistency of purpose to connect with target prospects
  • A fresh take on defining and attracting your agency’s target prospects
  • Purge inconsistent, ineffective messaging that hurts your sales efforts
  • Identify new business resource expenditure that is misaligned with your goals
  • Gives all stakeholders a defined plan of action for new business
  • Lays a foundation for your comprehensive new business program

Program Deliverables Include:

  • Review of sales positioning and messaging
  • Review of case studies and marketing materials
  • Review of new business history and sales process
  • Review of work and key industry expertise
  • Evaluation of core competencies or key services
  • Refinement of your agency’s positioning & value proposition
  • Development of your prospect profile
  • Recommendations on how to best utilize your website for new business
  • Recommendations on marketing materials and tools for new business
  • Establishment of new business benchmarks
  • Creation of new business plan of action

Optional add-on: Sales skills assessment and development recommendations for your agency new business and account team members.